My lovelies, I leave it to you…

Shall I keep my fan fictions here… …OR… …shall I move them to

It’s your choice…

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Some Selfish Prayers: Chapter 14 COMPLETE

Read it here:


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Good morning, lovelies.

Still a bit exhausted but at least I got some sleep finally. It’s hell on earth outside. I mean my God. And HOLY HELL, It’s going to be 106 degrees on Sunday??????

England, can you please share your 70 degree, rainy weather with us please? I’m afraid we’re going to combust and turn to ashes.

My room is actually clean. I have a floor. Oh snap! Still need to get shelving for all my movies and manga that are still in boxes though. I did manage to find some old black and white photography pictures I took when I had photography classes a few years ago. Might show those sometime.

Btw, I am so so so sorry that the chapters I promised are not up yet. How on earth could I have predicted that my brother would get Dark Knight Rises midnight showing tickets? You lovelies must be pretty sore with me, especially Sherlolly because the chapter was supposed to be for her birthday and now it’s incredibly late due to my jobs and lack of sleep adventures. I AM SO SORRY!! THEY ARE COMING, I PROMISE!! I will have them tonight after work for sure!

I did have a dream where I was in a coffee shop by myself and I’m wearing my black/dark gray striped scarf and my hair is finally long and naturally curly like I wanted and wearing new glasses frames. I looked lonely though. That will not do. Silly dreams.

It’s so nice to have an air purifier in my room finally. I can already tell a difference. FUCK YOU, DUST AND CAT HAIR! TAKE THAT!

I do hope my lovelies are well today. Hope to hear from you all soon. Cheers.

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I’m sorry. I’m just so tired.

I worked both my jobs, did the dishes, went to take care of the kitty I’m babysitting, had to make a late errand, and washing my sheets.

New chapters will be tomorrow, I promise.

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Good news

After work and after I finish all that I want to accomplish, new chapters for The One That Saves Me AND Some Selfish Prayers will appear.

Look forward to them. Cheers.

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Things I need to do this week.

1) Clean out my closet

2) Catch up on Once Upon a Time

3) Go through boxes of manga I forgot I wanted to sell that are in my garage.

Other things to come this week:

1) More chapters of The One That Saves Me and Some Selfish Prayers

2) More Bing Bongs!

3) Reply to Martin Crieff and Irene Adler on separate rps that randomly began just recently.

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Some Selfish Prayers: Chapter 13 COMPLETE!!

Read it here my lovelies:

Do let me know what you think and enjoy. Cheers.

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Ok, please tell me and be honest.

In my Sherlock x Irene fan fic, Some Selfish Prayers, are Sherlock and Irene in character still?

And if so, do you think they would… …do stuff very soon like say… …this coming chapter that I’m writing?

I just want to make sure that I’m doing this right. Help, lovelies?

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Some Selfish Prayers: Chapter 12 COMPLETE!!

Read it here, my lovelies:

My God it’s hard to write for Irene Adler AND Sherlock Holmes in the same room. I do hope I gave them justice. Let me know what you think and enjoy.

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Some Selfish Prayers: Chapter 11 COMPLETE!

Read it here, my lovelies:

Do let me know what you think and enjoy! Cheers!

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