Molly Hooper

The One Person that Mattered the Most

Based on the classic Mucha poster Zodiac, Grand Bazar and Nouvelles Galleries. Colored in Coral Painter. All of the type is names for the structures of the skull. Even the curling white decorative lines at the bottom are actually type (though it’s hard to see at this size). If all goes well, I’ll do posters for other Sherlock characters as well, each in the style of a classic art nouveau poster.

Prints are available here at my new redbubble account.

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sherlock meme | seven outfits [3/7]

molly’s marvelous rainbow jumper 

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She’s just so cute

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you’re not being john, you’re being yourself.

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Make Me Choose > Molly Hooper or Irene Adler?

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make me choose : Molly Hooper or Mary Morstan ( asked by guixonlove )

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Best of Season Three

Molly Hooper


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