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In which case, you fail by default.

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get to know me meme: [1/10] favorite books 
↳ The Harry Potter Series by J. K. Rowling

You care so much you feel as though you will bleed to death with the pain of it.”

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First ramble in a long time.

Sometimes people forget how difficult it is to get the next book in a series out on shelves.

So I’m rewatching season 1 and 2 of Game of Thrones and it made me think about George R. R. Martin and how Winds of Winter is not out yet after so many years. Fans keep bugging him about it and I’m sure it’s putting strain on him, which pisses me off.

Like, I get it! No one likes to wait, especially when you want to know what happens next! Hell, I was anxious to get my hands on the next Harry Potter back in the day when each book took longer and longer to come out. But to go so far as to harass an author over the time he is taking with HIS story, I find myself thinking how they just don’t THINK.

The Song of Ice and Fire series is NOT something to be taken lightly. Not at all! Do you understand how much fucking world building goes into these types of fantasy epics? Also, there is continuity to consider which means and elaborate, detailed, world timeline. George R. R. Martin is basically the God of his universe. He knows the seasons, the land, the cultures, the people, each individual character, the animals that roam in the woods, the technology they currently have, the rules of magic, the tales and songs of old, the gods the people worship, all of Westeros history!! He created the rules, so he must abide by them. And then there’s the war he is running, who all is dying, who all is going to win or lose! All that shit that he has created and placed is NOT simple and can NOT be a good book if you slap something together just because you bitch about it enough.

For fuck sake, JK Rowling had the same job and she had to keep with our real life time line and have the magic make sense and the time line correct. That is not an easy task to do. And there is Tamora Pierce with Tortall and Emelan, TWO universes she has to keep track!

And let’s not forget the man I’m sure every fantasy writer admires and respects, JRR Tolkien.

Fantasy writing to this degree is complicated. Hell, I’m still working out all of the details of my own fantasy series! I still need to establish the time line events, the cultures, keep track of characters ages over time, and who all I’m going to kill off. And I’ve been working on this beast since November 2012.

So before you go bitching to Mr. Martin about Winds of Winter, stop and THINK about the important job he is doing. Westeros and it’s history is HIS, HIS baby. Not yours. Be respectful to the man and his craft. Hell, be respectful to all writers who take up the challenge of creating a whole new world and establishing it’s universe, history, and people. This shit is hard but not impossible.

We’ll eventually get Winds of Winter and I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait. Don’t harrass artists to work faster. Think of it this way… would you rather wait a few years and have a polished product or wait one year and have a shitty product?

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Avada Kedavra’ or the killing curse has been taken from the Armaic phrase “avra kehdabra” meaning ‘I will create as I speak’. Although J.K.Rowling has combined it with the latin ‘cadavra’ meaning dead bodies.

So Avada Kedavra stands for “I will create dead bodies as I speak


And I thought it was a play on abracadabra

it sounds like abracadabra was a play on (or Anglicized version of) avra kehdabra
either way


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So… I’m kinda thinking about the tattoo idea again and… my mother is actually approving it! Two of my friends are approving it too.

The inside of my left arm, I would have Tolkien’s signature. And the inside of the right arm, I would have JK Rowling’s signature.

This sounds like a better decision then having a large quote or something I might regret later.

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Total respect. 

Not only was she the first female writer to make the Forbes billionaires list, she then became one of the very few people to take herself off that list by giving so much to charity that it actually made a dent in her fortune.

And she gets it. There aren’t enough generous billionaires in the world who remember where they came from, therefore private charity isn’t the ultimate (only) answer to poverty like some politicians would have us believe. We are all interconnected, we all need each other, in democratic countries we are part of the government, and so keeping needy people from falling into complete destitution and despair is an important and worthy role for government to take. It benefits all of us in the long run. And nobody who feels comfortable and secure now (fewer and fewer of those people around these days) has any guarantee they won’t need help themselves someday.

JK Rowling…reason numbers 2.7 billion why I adore this woman.

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let’s all stop for a minute and thank jk rowling for not making the golden trio a love triangle

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She’s so excited (X)

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Harry Potter set me free

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