↳ You were going to take that damn pill, weren’t you?
Of course I wasn’t. Biding my time. Knew you’d turn up.

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Sherlock Creative Challenge

↳ [4] Favourite Female Character - They’re all important and must be protected at all costs. I totally can’t and don’t want to choose between them, because they all have something that I like, and something that I don’t like. And they all have flaws and aren’t purely perfect, which makes me in love with them even more.

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Endless List Of Favorite TV Shows:

→ Sherlock [2/∞]

I’m not a psychopath, I’m a high-functioning sociopath. Do your research.

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maybe the eyeball incident happens more often than we think

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The tears on young Sherlock’s face are probably thought to be just a child’s reaction to an intimidating situation. But everything else about the adult Sherlock is reflected in the young one, so why not the tears as well? Showing us young Sherlock allows us to see what Mycroft sees: a reflection of his baby brother as a scared little child. What we don’t see, what we don’t realise, is that it is not the child Sherlock crying. It’s a two-fold deceit: Sherlock turns his back to John and only then the camera goes to a close-up to show the absolute heartbreak on his face. But in the next instance they switch to young Sherlock whose natural reaction is to start crying and therefore the audience doesn’t think anything of it. So neither John nor the audience sees the adult Sherlock, the real Sherlock, in tears.

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"Didn’t go to any trouble, did you?" {the sign of three}


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Congratulations to the Sherlock team! The show won 7 awards and is the biggest winner of the Emmys 2014!

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anonymous asked: ✓ Sherlock or Game of Thrones

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