Shit, if I accidently came across a spoiler for Parade’s End…

…I’m going to be supremely pissed. I’m reading it now and if that one second of reading one word I found turns out to be true, then I just ruined my experience.

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  1. theolddictionary said: I hope it doesn’t ruin it for you. It’s a really good episode and Sylvia brings her sass. I’m usually not bothered by spoilers but with Parade’s End spoilers I want to scream. I think it has to do with the amount of feels this show brings. D:
  2. cinquespotted said: ahh, I really hope you didn’t! but even if you did, it doesn’t have to be ruined…it’s about the experience, not the reveal; how the characters react to those experiences? (I say this as someone who accidentally ruined HP6 for my then-boyfriend.)
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