So I’m being yelled at to get contacts.

I guess I could. I was too chicken to do so when I was 16. I’m 24 now so maybe I should get contacts. I don’t know. I like having glasses. I’ll still need them when I take the contacts out. I get really nervous about the whole eye touching thing.

I don’t know… …what do you think? Should I just buckle and get contacts and get a new pair of glasses while I’m at it?

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  1. sumikins answered: Who’s telling you to get them, and why? There’s nothing wrong w/ glasses.
  2. toytugboats answered: Touching your eyes is weird at first, but you get used to it in no time.
  3. stormsandsea answered: Contacts are fantastic! They’re super comfortable and easy. I still have my glasses though and wear them around the house and such. :)
  4. beatcreep answered: i think glasses are so much cheaper than contacts. you only have to pay once whereas for contacts you have to buy a bunch per year.
  5. cinquespotted answered: I wear contacts and I love them. I also love my glasses. The eye touching thing, you get over quickly—and it’s good to have both option!
  6. queenofthebadgers answered: SAY NO TO CONTACTS! Well, actually you should do what you want. Personally, I can’t wear contacts and it makes me sad.
  7. spookyhialmberi answered: Contacts are really, really easy. I wouldn’t not get them because you’re afraid and its nice to get the compliments when you switch over.
  8. blackcats-and-hiddleslove answered: I wouldn’t unless you want them. They’re not for everyone.
  9. most-curious-incident answered: It’s your call. Peripheral vision is a definite plus, but if your eyes aren’t terrible, you might not notice it as much?
  10. weaponized-wit answered: You should do it, they really make a difference. I have contacts and it’s not bad at all, the eye-touching
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