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♔ make me choose: catherine the great or marie antoinette
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Gif Meme - Anonymous asked: Oberyn Martell + Profiles

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INFJ personality type traits


SEES SELF: as a deep-thinker in love with new ideas and insights, but somewhat detached from others.

OVERRIDING NEED: to understand the complexity of people and life.

IRRITATED BY: hypocrisy, limits on personal freedom, impersonal details and mundane tasks.

STRENGTHS: provides future-oriented insights that inspire others, follows through on commitments with integrity and consistency.

SEEN BY OTHERS: as somebody who is creative, insightful, stubborn, and hard to get to know.

DECIDES through private pondering, may make up mind too quickly and then worry endlessly.

IRRITATES OTHERS: by neglecting details, getting over-emotional, going off at unrealistic tangents, using overly complex language.

CHALLENGES: may take criticism personally, blurt out feelings unwisely, withdraw socially for long periods, succumb to addictive disorders.

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But all shall fail in sadness…

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You cannot be her… she is far, far away from me.

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